Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Surprise

I just had to show the great Easter gift I got from my father-in-law. He is very crafty in his own right. He seems to know exactly what I like!

We hung the window frame in the garden and about 5 minutes later, the birds were all over it.

The wreath is hung by the front door. I love the way he is able to see little odds and ends like door closures, keys, hooks, locks etc and turn them into perches and decorations for his birdhouses and benches.

Thanks Father In Law!


  1. We're pleased that you like them!! We enjoyed making them and particularly the "hunt" for perch items!

  2. What wonderful work - made from old doors, windows, etc - I love it! Your backyard will be so beautiful this summer Red, flowers growing near your birdhouses I'll bet, bird bath? (but NO squirrels ok? lol)

  3. Beautiful works of art for your backyard Red! I can see it now - flowers growing nearby for the birds to pollinate, a bird bath for them to drink.... and NO squirrels, ok? ;-)
    Your father in law did a great job!