Saturday, March 28, 2009

Plarn Club

Today was the beginning of Plarn Club. I made myself a plarn (plastic yarn) lunch bag which I take to work with me every day. Some of the kids at school have asked me to show them how to make them. One little boy in particular has asked me daily when the "club" is starting. Today, I spent lunch hour teaching him the technique for how to cut the bags into strips and join them together to create plarn. He is going to work on this project over spring break and then we'll get to work on his project - a back pack/messenger bag - when we come back to school. Quite ambitious and I suspect I will be doing the crocheting for this but I don't really mind.

It was quite interesting today how he opened up and really talked to me about what was on his mind while we were crafting together. The conversation really flowed. It just reminded me that as a teacher we connect with students in so many ways and on different levels and how important these connections are to students. It was kind of a "moment" for me today. It was nice to connect with a student through a shared interest. It also reinforces to me that students need to have many different experiences in their schooling - and that you never know how you are going to reach a student.

Crochet in Progress

I took a break from crochet to post up some pictures of my latest project. (I need to give my hands a little rest!) I saw this crochet bag pattern by Attic24 and loved the colors and the stripe design. I gathered some bright colors and was inspired to make this bag myself. I am using yarn that I picked up at Value Village - a second hand store. I can often find big lots of yarn there for $2-5. I decided to use up some of my yarn stash for this project.

I couldn't figure out why my bag kept getting bigger and not taller...until I realized that I was increasing one more stitch in each row (well after I was supposed to stop increasing!) In all I added about 2 extra inches in width to this bag. Oh well - there's no going back now. I'm just making the correction now and going with the flow. I guess I'll just have a really big beautiful bag to put my knitting/crochet projects in!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crochet Flower

I tried out this little crochet flower pattern today with some odd scraps of yarn that I found in a grab bag at Value Village.

The three colors of yarn are all different weights of yarn. I think it would work better if I had used the same weight of yarn. I also plan to make some more of these using the bits of cotton yarn I have leftover after making cotton dishcloths.

I plan to turn some of these into brooches, maybe a bracelet or hair clip. I also saw them made into a flower garland which was really cute. I also plan on making a crochet bag from the same blog where I got the flower pattern. Attic24 embellished her bag with these flowers. Adorable! I can't wait to start this bag!

Two Feet of Snow Since Sunday

It is hard to believe that four days ago (Sunday) we were basking in the balmy spring weather, barbequeing burgers on our deck, and in general just breathing in the beautiful spring weather.

Today this is what our BBQ looks like.

All the snow that had melted and drained off has returned. Meh.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World Deaf Hockey Championships 2009

I will be a timekeeper at the first World Deaf Hockey Championships to be held April 10 - 18, 2009 in Winnipeg, MB.

Check out the site! This should be a very cool event to participate in. Teams from Slovakia, Russia, United States, Finland and Canada will be participating.

World Deaf Hockey Championships 2009

Plarn Clothes Pin Hanger Bag

I made this clothes pin hanger bag using 2 strands - 1 of Plarn and 1 of Phentex. I thought that the Phentex might make the bag more sturdy and give it a little bit of stiffness. I got the pattern here.

I used a mini hanger (like the ones for baby clothes) as the hook. I think this will work very well outdoors. The bag can get wet but should dry without rotting.

I think I will give this one to my mom. She likes to hang her clothes out to dry in the summer. Happy Laundering Mom!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Net Shopping Bag - Plarn

I just finished this plarn bag. I found the pattern on

This bag was created using the plastic bags that my tupperware came in. Each piece was wrapped in a clear plastic bag and since I had such a successful tupperware party, I had plenty of material to work with.

The net pattern allows the bag to stretch to fit whatever is inside. It didn't take long to make as it had an open design.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Reuseable Shopping Bags

Today the hubby and I had a spare 30 minutes to pass so we went to the Value Village store to see what we could find.

I bought several pretty sheets. I found a pattern to turn them into reusable shopping bags. I thought this was a great idea. You can make a lot of shopping bags out of an old sheet!

I also got some bags of yarn and one of wool in different shades. I want to try to knit it then felt it.

Just a little craftiness snuck into my day!

Here is a link to some cool ideas for making your own reusable shopping bags.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Old Pantyhose

Today my aunt emailed me with an offer of a bag of my grandma's old panty hose that she found in the garage. I found this list of 10 ways to reuse panty hose.

Any suggestions on how to reuse old panty hose? I have heard that you can use them to stuff quilts.

Reusable Swiffer Cover

I love my swiffer but always feel a little guilty about throwing out the swiffer cloth when I'm finished with it, I had heard about people making reusable swiffer covers and had wanted to try making one. I found this pattern and tried it out tonight. It took me about 90 minutes to make and it was really easy to crochet. I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. This would be a great project to use up left overs of cotton yarn left over from making dishcloths.

I tested it out on my kitchen floor and it picked up the dust and dirt very well. (I decided against putting up a picture of the "after" shot. No one needs to know how dirty my floor is!!!) After I use it I just have to toss it in the washing machine. No waste and no more spending money on swiffer cloths just to throw them away.

I plan to make some more of these. I will make one of these for the first three people to comment on this post.

Thank You Cards

My friends Helen and Jake helped me make 133 wedding thank you cards. Today I got my act together and started writing them.

I used my cuttlebug and also a scor-pal to make the cards. The flowers are prima flowers held in place with brads. The stamp is a Stampin' Up word stamp. The cuttlebug folders are Swiss Dots and Floral Fantasy.

Thank you to Helen and Jake for the full day thank you card production.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plarn Shopping Bag

I made this plarn shopping bag for my friend VHN's daughter. Her daughter is very eco-friendly and VHN said that she thought she would enjoy a bag made out of recycled plastic bags. I just made a larger version of this bag. I started with 30 chains across and then followed the pattern from there. I had to adjust the placement of the handles to fit the bag. It worked out pretty good. I had started it awhile ago but ran out of Sobey's bags. Thanks to my sister for saving hers for me.

I placed the wooden spoon beside it to show about how big it is.

Here are 25 reasons to use reusable shopping bags.

What to do with this?

This is the nylon net bag that oranges come in. I have collected a few of these in the hopes that I can find a way to recycle them into something cool. Maybe a pot scrubber?

Any suggestions?

Value Village Find

Last weekend the hubby and I went to Value Village to do some scrounging. I found an old Tupperware jello mold set. I thought it was so cool. I plan to use it to make ice rings for punch and who knows, maybe even a jello salad!

What I like the best is that it has different seals to customize it for each season - a tulip, star, heart, christmas tree, and flower. I can't wait to try it out.

Spin the Black Circle

My brother gave us the best and most unique wedding present ever - a record player. He is an avid music-o-phile and has an extensive collection of vinyl, cd's, and tapes. The record player was accompanied by The Living Voices - The Little Drummer Boy record as well. This is a classic Christmas record that you can only get on tape or record.

Today I had to do some major house cleaning and so I cranked up the record player and put on one of the records he gave me. INXS - Kick. What a great record. I saw INXS in concert many years ago when they originally came to Winnipeg and saw them again a few years ago with their new front man. I forgot how much I loved this album. I sang along and cleaned my house.

Thanks bro for the awesome present. I love it!

Giant Tiger Plarn Bag

I finished this bag for a student of mine. He brought me 40+ lovely yellow Giant Tiger bags and then asked me to make him something. I made this little bag from this free pattern at

Now of course all of the rest of the children in the class want me to make them a bag too. One boy even brought me 10 plastic bags. I told them that if they want me to crochet the bag for them they have to make the plarn. We are now going to have a lunch club to make plarn!

If they want the bag, they will have to do some of the work for it. Sounds like fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool Amigurumi Book

I got this book from the Winnipeg Public Library. There are many cute patterns in it. I think I'll try the giant burger. Looks pretty cool and I know a special niece who would love to play it!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I had a tupperware party a few weeks ago. Yes, it's official - I am an old married woman! Not so bad in my opinion.

I was able to get two shelves of pasta, rice etc into one shelf. I'm loving on the tupperware! Lots of room in my pantry now.

A Nice Surprise

I got a great surprise last week from my friend VHN. She gave me a sushi book and sushi making set - complete with lessons! VHN is going to teach me to make sushi.

I can't wait to learn! Thank you my friend!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Two little girls at my school asked me to knit them scarves. They requested pink/purple colors for their scarves. I"ll give them to the girls tomorrow. Hope they enjoy them!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Knitting Slippers

I have a pair of knit slippers that I love. I adore them. They fit my feet perfectly and keep my toes toasty warm. They were given to me many years ago by the mother of one of my students. These slippers have a ribbed toe and a fitted heel and they stay on my feet. I have worn a big hole in the bottom of both of them and am now on a quest - the quest for perfect slippers!

I have tried a few patterns and the one I like best was given to me by my mother-in-law. It is a vintage Patons Pattern and it seems to work pretty good. My slippers still slip off of my heels but I may try knitting in some elastic to see if that will hold them in place. I may also try to knit them a little smaller to see if that helps them stay on. If you have any advice, or know a great slipper pattern, I'd love to hear about it.

Knitting Machine - Me!

I have been on a knitting roll for the last 3 months. I have knitted at least 12 scarves and several pairs of slippers. I have to give credit to the mom's - my mom and my mother-in-law- for teaching me how to knit. I used up my stash of yarn and so of course I had to go get some more and the yarn pile is eagerly awaiting me.

I mostly give away the scarves I make to friends or to a local charity. I don't like to just sit around while watching tv and knitting keeps me from dozing off!

Two students of mine have asked me to make them scarves - and they keep asking so I guess I better get started.


I found the pattern for this little bear and decided to make it for my hubby for Valentine's Day. This was my first venture in the world of Amigurumi. I liked it so much I think I'll stay for awhile! He thought it was pretty cool too, so I made him a little travelocity gnome mascot to help him cheer on the contestants on the Amazing Race. I made this little lion too.

Check out my links and blog roll to find other really amazing amigurumi.

I realized that none of my amigurumi have eyes - yet. I plan to add some. Soon. Until then, they aren't going anywhere! Literally - they can't see!


My latest hobby is making plarn (plastic yarn) and then creating bags out of the plarn. I have made several different plarn bags. I found the patterns at I have completed 4 bags and have two more on the go. I just need to get a few more bags to finish them off.

I even used a plarn bag as a door prize for a tupperware party I had. People thought I was a little crazy at first - you're cutting apart plastic bags to make more plastic bags? - but once they have seen the finished product they think it is pretty cool. Many of my co-workers have given me their plastic bags to turn into something cool. One of my students actually pulled a large bag of Giant Tiger bags out of his backpack and asked me to make something for him with them. That is the current project! How could I refuse?

Here are a few of my plarn bags:

Rubber Stamping and Paper Crafts

This is where the two worlds collide. I have always been a rabid crafter (sewing, cross stitch, crochet, knitting, even a little quilting) but in the last 6 years I have discovered the world of paper crafts and now have my own little shrine dedicated to these arts - the guest room! I mostly make cards but dabble a bit in scrapbooking too.

I belong to a rubber stamping group - Just Stampers - and we have monthly meetings, host swaps and participate in challenges.

I have even had two of my cards published in stamping magazines! That was pretty cool.

I just made this card which was given to my boss on behalf of the staff as a sympathy/thinking of you card. It accompanied the book Three Cups of Tea and some tea from Cornelia Bean.


My maternal grandmother taught me to crochet one summer. It was a terribly hot August and so we retreated into the basement where my mother told me I was to "spend time with grandma" out of the heat. This was where I first learned to crochet - and with fine crochet cotton!

Now I enjoy using mainly different yarns - cotton, acrylics and plarn (plastic yarn). I crochet dishcloths, plarn bags and my latest interest is amigurumi - little tightly crocheted creatures (see the links).

This is a hotpad that I made to go with my snowman dishes. It is two layers.

Where It All Began

This wall hanging was created by me in pursuit of my flower arranger badge for Girl Guides when I was about 10 or so. I gave it to my paternal grandparents who hung it on their kitchen wall for nearly 25 years. The little counted cross stitch saying " I Love You" was made by me while visiting them on vacation - probably around the same time.

My grandparents have passed away and the hanging now hangs in my kitchen in my home. It is pretty dusty but has plenty of meaning to me.