Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting Crafty

Today little E cooperated with his mommy (me!) and I was able to get an hour of sewing in. He didn't fall asleep but just sat in his bouncy chair and watched me while I sewed. I can't post any pictures of what I was working on because these are baby gifts for my sister and three of my cousins (all sisters) who are all expecting babies this year.

Last night I was reading some blogs of other crafty mama's and found some really cool projects that are on my future to do list.

I really want to try to make this playhouse for little E when he gets older.

Also this little soft book.

Maybe a super cool playhouse like this one.

Some little boxy pouches like these.

A felted buttonhole bag like this one.

A crayon roll.

So many amazing things people create!

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