Monday, March 1, 2010

Ring Slings

My next project is to sew some ring slings for carrying little E. I've been reading several websites on baby carrying and was thinking that a sling might come in handy for traveling with little E.

I also discovered that there are different options for making slings - different types of fabric and for different purposes. I would like to make three types of slings. One of flannel for daily use, one of mesh to use in the water and one of lightweight fabric to make it cooler and a little more dressy.

I had originally bought craft rings at Michael's but after reading some web pages found out that they are not recommended for use in slings. The information I read said that you cannot be sure of what materials they are made of and whether they are safe for a baby. Also, they have rough edges and can potentially cut the fabric or break which results in a potential safety risk to baby.

I did find some rings at These are specifically manufactured to be used on slings for carrying babies. I ordered several pairs and now am set to get sewing. You can find lots of patterns online. One site that I found helpful was this one. Just google ring sling patterns and you'll find many variations. Has anyone out there used one? Made one? I'd be interested to hear your suggestions or opinions on the type of baby carrier you used.

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  1. I made a ring sling with Levin and didn't particularly love it...I wish I could have known and passed on my specially ordered rings to you!
    Levin didn't really like being all bunched up in the sling, and I didn't find it to be as adjustable as I would have liked. But, what I did like, and only tried later on was my home-made moby wrap (instructions also online and not much sewing involved). So I am going to try that one more with the next little peanut! Let me know if you'd like more rings!

  2. If you don't need your rings that would be great!

  3. I also have some rings, I made a sling as well and did not like it either, I think mainly because of all the weight on one side instead of evenly distributed. I have 2 rings if you want them.