Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baptismal Thanks

The gown is finished and the baby baptized and no thanks to me! I have to say that my entire contribution to this gown was sewing the lace on the yoke. That's it. Oh well.

Thanks to Nana for stepping up to the plate and finishing the gown for little E. Great job on embroidering the little westie as well. Also - great cake! Love it!

Thank you to S & C for being god parents to Little E. You did just fine.

Thanks to Dad for all of the help the night before getting everything ready for the lunch. Peeling potatoes and eggs and carrying things up and down stairs. Thanks to my cousin E for taking great snapshots of all of the action.

Thanks to all of our family and friends for celebrating with us and for the lovely gifts too!

It was a great day!


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) It's quite the accomplishment you've achieved, having this blog for a year, well done.

    E's baptismal outfit is beautiful. Glad it was a happy day for you.

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading your blog too! I'm amazed you can have such deep thoughts with "mommy brain"!