Monday, July 5, 2010

Value Village Deals

I've stopped in at Value Village for some shopping over the past few days. The prices weren't super great but I did find some cool items. One of the items that I didn't purchase and regretted not doing so was a Fisher Price Castle toy from my youth! I went back the next day and it was gone. I am kicking myself for not picking it up. Oh well. Maybe next time.

The fabric and sheets are for a quilting project that my mom and I have planned for the fall. We will be making quilts for Lutheran World Relief an organization that supplies materials and resources to people in need. The quilts are used for shelter and warmth so the biggest criteria is warmth and comfort versus fancy fabric and fancy piecing. They are going to be simple squares pieced into tops with blankets for stuffing and sheets for backing. These will be tied and a binding sewn along the edges. We hope to make at least 10. Maybe a few more if we can get some helpers! Hint hint! If anyone who reads my blog has any fabric, old sheets, or old blankets to donate as filler they would be gladly accepted.


  1. Will post some pics later. My internet connection is acting up again!

  2. I'm sure I have something around here...I'll look and then get back to you! -- As for helping, I would if I knew how to sew.

    You and your mom are good people!

  3. Hey Rebecca,

    I can't reply to your comments directly because you haven't enabled your email, so I thought I would leave a comment here to reach you! I WISH I could buys some decent fabrics locally, but most of the "designer" ones are not available here or cost and arm and a leg, so I get them online. If you go to, you can find lots of little fabric shops there. A good Canadian shop is at, it gets fo you so much faster if from Canada, and they also have free shipping in Canada :-)

    Talk soon, Kenny says hi!

  4. Thanks Kristie and hi to Kenny as well! I am now going fabric shopping...hehehe

  5. @ Shelley - we could for sure find a job for you to do if you are interested in helping out. We would also need help cutting fabric, pinning etc so you don't technically need to know how to sew to help.