Monday, February 14, 2011

Hand Sanitizers

I made these little hand sanitizer holders to give away as door prizes at my Stampin Up party I had last week. I found the tutorial on this blog. I thought they were so darn cute!

I used hand sanitizers from Bath & Body to put inside the little holders.

They were so easy to make I whipped up a bunch to give as Valentine treats to my colleagues in my department at work. They loved them!


  1. Those are great! You have been making some really pretty cards & boxes. I'd love to try out some stamping ...but I think I should limit my crafting to knitting and sewing right now...

  2. These are awesome! Is this what I am getting???Still waiting in suspense.... ;) LOL- Can you tell I am not a patient person!?!?

  3. @ Eliza - I saw some adorable cards that had crocheted flowers on them. And I have seen lots of sewing on cards too - perhaps you are closer to being a card maker than you realize lol!