Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Canning with Mom

Yesterday my mom and I "put up" some cucumbers and peppers. We made a tonne of yum yum pickles, two jars of pickled jalapenos and two jars of pickled banana peppers. We also made 5 pints of pickled beets last week. Pictures of the jalapenos to come - my camera battery ran out just as I was trying to take the last picture.

A productive day. Next on the agenda - tomato sauce - with carrots, peppers and zuchinni!


  1. Canning is on my list of things to do! I have some jam, jelly and salsa on my agenda....

  2. What sort of jam/jelly are you planning to make? My mom always makes strawberry freezer jam and I think it is even better than the regular type of strawberry jam.

  3. Nicely done! Those look great. Maybe I'll try some pickles next week. Yum.