Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thrifty Saturday

Today Hubby, Junior Jay and I went bargain hunting at Value Village and man did we SCORE!

A bucket of duplo legos and an equal amount of Mega Blocks ( a ridiculous amount of lego) -$3.99

Getting a scrub in the sink!

A laundry basket full of Mega Blocks - including a castle set and pieces to make a house - two bags - $11.99 total. We didn't realize that there were this many blocks in the bags.

A Fisher Price Circus Play Set - $3.99

A Fisher Price Dump Truck (with Little People driver) - $3.99

A play table for Mega Blocks/Duplo - with a storage compartment underneath - $9.99
Lift the yellow lid and there is a storage compartment underneath. Also has adjustable legs to change the height.

A bag of kids books, several unique shaped glass jars for canning ($0.49 each), a tiny little teapot (so Junior Jay and I can have tea parties), two shallow corningware baking dishes, and several little tub toys/play toys for Junior Jay.

Also picked up some Hardy Boy books for my brother.

A successful shopping day with some great bargains!

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