Saturday, March 14, 2009

Giant Tiger Plarn Bag

I finished this bag for a student of mine. He brought me 40+ lovely yellow Giant Tiger bags and then asked me to make him something. I made this little bag from this free pattern at

Now of course all of the rest of the children in the class want me to make them a bag too. One boy even brought me 10 plastic bags. I told them that if they want me to crochet the bag for them they have to make the plarn. We are now going to have a lunch club to make plarn!

If they want the bag, they will have to do some of the work for it. Sounds like fun!


  1. Hi Rebecca;
    I love the Giant Tiger bag.
    MB aka Kat Ballou

  2. YOU are the most awesome, caring teacher I know of Rebecca!!! I'll bet you have kids collecting bags of all kinds !!!