Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spin the Black Circle

My brother gave us the best and most unique wedding present ever - a record player. He is an avid music-o-phile and has an extensive collection of vinyl, cd's, and tapes. The record player was accompanied by The Living Voices - The Little Drummer Boy record as well. This is a classic Christmas record that you can only get on tape or record.

Today I had to do some major house cleaning and so I cranked up the record player and put on one of the records he gave me. INXS - Kick. What a great record. I saw INXS in concert many years ago when they originally came to Winnipeg and saw them again a few years ago with their new front man. I forgot how much I loved this album. I sang along and cleaned my house.

Thanks bro for the awesome present. I love it!


  1. This is truly wonderful! I donated all of my records a few years back.I wish that I hadn't because record players are available for purchase again! I guess I should hold onto my cassettes.

  2. I saw some neat things that a lady is doing with cassette tape on She uses the tape to crochet bags, barbie clothes etc. VCR tape too!