Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plarn Shopping Bag

I made this plarn shopping bag for my friend VHN's daughter. Her daughter is very eco-friendly and VHN said that she thought she would enjoy a bag made out of recycled plastic bags. I just made a larger version of this bag. I started with 30 chains across and then followed the pattern from there. I had to adjust the placement of the handles to fit the bag. It worked out pretty good. I had started it awhile ago but ran out of Sobey's bags. Thanks to my sister for saving hers for me.

I placed the wooden spoon beside it to show about how big it is.

Here are 25 reasons to use reusable shopping bags.


  1. This is so cool Rebecca! I love your blog! Lots of wonderful,crafty goodness!
    :-) Barb