Saturday, March 14, 2009

What to do with this?

This is the nylon net bag that oranges come in. I have collected a few of these in the hopes that I can find a way to recycle them into something cool. Maybe a pot scrubber?

Any suggestions?


  1. Do you know how to make a pom-pom flower out of 2 sheets of Kleenex for example - accordion folding all the way along the length, then tying at the center, and fluffing up them up into a pouffy flower shape??? WELL - if you do the same with nylon netting (tulle, coarse weave) it makes an EXCELLENT pot scrubber - AND a FANTASTIC bathtub/shower cleaner! My Mom used to make them, and then tie a 4-5" long loop to the center, so you could hang it from the shower head or faucet to dry!!!! Shall I save our bags from oranges??? lol

  2. I'll give that a try. I might try to cut it into strips and turn it into a pot scrubber too.

  3. put bits of yarn in it, hang it from a tree, and then watch where the birds use it to make their nests colorful.- The Cardinal lover