Saturday, March 28, 2009

Plarn Club

Today was the beginning of Plarn Club. I made myself a plarn (plastic yarn) lunch bag which I take to work with me every day. Some of the kids at school have asked me to show them how to make them. One little boy in particular has asked me daily when the "club" is starting. Today, I spent lunch hour teaching him the technique for how to cut the bags into strips and join them together to create plarn. He is going to work on this project over spring break and then we'll get to work on his project - a back pack/messenger bag - when we come back to school. Quite ambitious and I suspect I will be doing the crocheting for this but I don't really mind.

It was quite interesting today how he opened up and really talked to me about what was on his mind while we were crafting together. The conversation really flowed. It just reminded me that as a teacher we connect with students in so many ways and on different levels and how important these connections are to students. It was kind of a "moment" for me today. It was nice to connect with a student through a shared interest. It also reinforces to me that students need to have many different experiences in their schooling - and that you never know how you are going to reach a student.

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