Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My latest hobby is making plarn (plastic yarn) and then creating bags out of the plarn. I have made several different plarn bags. I found the patterns at I have completed 4 bags and have two more on the go. I just need to get a few more bags to finish them off.

I even used a plarn bag as a door prize for a tupperware party I had. People thought I was a little crazy at first - you're cutting apart plastic bags to make more plastic bags? - but once they have seen the finished product they think it is pretty cool. Many of my co-workers have given me their plastic bags to turn into something cool. One of my students actually pulled a large bag of Giant Tiger bags out of his backpack and asked me to make something for him with them. That is the current project! How could I refuse?

Here are a few of my plarn bags:


  1. Rebecca, I listened to a weaver from Ontario talking about this on CBC. radio. She said that she had been using some of the ones she had made for about 10 years. Once woven ( or in you case knitted) it seems they will last a lifetime.
    Great job.

  2. I guess better they last a lifetime as a useable bag then cluttering up a landfill!

    They seem to be pretty sturdy.

  3. The large shopping bag is holding more yarn!